Richard Asperger


My early life was tempestuous and chaotic. I spent much of my youth adrift and at times
experienced homelessness -- but even during these erratic years, I wrote regularly. After stretches of time and intermittent separation from my family, my sister presented me with a volume of writings that she’d held safe for me throughout my tumultuous period – the treasure that is now L.A. a la Cart. Today, with a head on my shoulders, a career path and feet
planted firmly in the middle class, I value family ties more than ever. L.A. a la Cart, a brainchild that spans over decades, is just one of many ways for me to share my experience, strength and hope with others.
In addition to being a poet, I am an artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur, aerospace professional, humanitarian and navy veteran. 
I am currently working on three separate stories -- an autobiographical
coming-of-age novel entitled, “17 in 78”, a fantasy about Father Time called “The Battle Between Work and Play,” and a lighthearted science-fiction novel about a Zombie Drug Enforcement Agent titled, “Z.D.E.A”. I also have several children’s books buzzing around in my head.  
As CEO and Founder of Prison Brand Clothing, I hope to inspire people of all ages
and bring awareness to those less fortunate. Prison Brand is a bold, innovative and controversial clothing line that closely resembles prison uniforms. The design and concept was born during my monthly volunteer visits to the Los Angeles County Jail System. During my visits I was inspired by the uniforms and knew that urban kids would love the look!
For the past fifteen years I have worked as vice president of sales and marketing in the
aerospace industry.  I have done work directly with Boeing, Lockheed, Cessna and Lear Jet.  I have also worked on some of the industries most cutting edge programs, including JPL on the Mars Rover, Scaled Composites on the X–Prize Winner Spaceship One, and with innovative companies like SpaceX. I have traveled the world and many different countries including Paris, London and Singapore while attending premier air shows. 
For more than seventeen years I have dedicated my time to the less fortunate who are in need and to those who have found themselves in situations of incarceration. I am a regular volunteer for a community hotline where I answer phones and provide information regarding recovery from alcohol and drug abuse and other vital information for those in need of a compassionate ear. 
I volunteered for several years in the Los Angeles County Jail System – most recently the California Department of Corrections. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my stories of recovery and
hope with the inmates, always with compassion, respect and understanding, regardless
of their past. 
I try to live my life to the fullest and as humbly as possible.  I do my best to focus on the good, not only in myself, but also in the people that I meet.  
Photo Credit: Diana Lee Photography
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